The Year 2012: A Review

Hey friends,

So I thought I’d start a new yearly tradition here at Weary Wanderer wherein I share my travels from the year before, along with some of my favorite photo memories from the place. January always makes people reminisce over the past year, and as I gathered together the photos I wanted to share from 2012, I realized how truly blessed I am to have been able to travel to the places I’ve been, and to have the people in my life that I do.

So without further ado…here’s to 2012–quite the year for travel!

January started with a bang when Chris proposed to me on New Year’s Eve, and kept going strong when my dad sent me and my two sister’s on a trip together to Key West, Florida. Believe it or not it was the first trip my sister’s and I had been on alone together, and it really did provide us with some great memories.




In June, Chris and I flew out to Palm Springs, California, to plan what we thought was going to be our wedding for this upcoming October. And while that didn’t turn out to be the case (see December 2012 for reference!), we still had a blast while we were there!


August was an absolutely amazing month for me, as I was able to fly out to the town in Italy where my grandfather was born–Rocella Jonica, in Calabria, Italy. (Also talked about here.) While there I met family I had never met before, visited the family farm where my grandfather and his siblings all worked and saw the house where my grandfather was born and raised. It honestly was the trip of a lifetime, and I was so blessed to have been able to go on it.


In September I took a sneaky Labor Day trip to my mom’s house in upstate NY, and I forced Chris to take a stroll with me around our New York City neighborhood so I could snap some lovely shots. It was a quiet month, filled with simple pleasures, to be followed by a crazy beginning of October …



The month of October was a wild and fantastic one. Chris and I jetted off to Europe to meet his parents for a multi-country trip which included Berlin to watch Chris run the Berlin marathon:


Then Munich for some Oktoberfest shenanigans:


Followed by a gorgeous (and crazy expensive!) drive through the Alps to Venice:



And a quick trip to Rome for a couple days as well:



Then, not too long after arriving back from Europe, we hopped in a rental car to head to Virginia to catch a JMU game and stay in an awesome cabin in the woods with my sister and her boyfriend, our cousin and her boyfriend, and another friend of Stephanie’s and her boyfriend as well:


In November I was whisked away by my sisters and some amazing friends to a surprise bachelorette party in East Hampton. We had an awesome, amazing, gorgeous house right on the water, with a fire pit, hot tub and lots of booze and snacks. I mean really, what more could a gal ask for?


December, my friends, was the month of all months in 2012. It started with a super fun trip to the MOMA to see The Scream, and picking out our Christmas tree at our 96th St. subway stop. My sister and her boyfriend came for a visit and we took a jaunt to the shops and ice skating rink at Bryant Park:


And then, my friends, on December 31, 2012, I became Mrs. Christopher Vincent Connor at City Hall in Manhattan. My dad and stepmom got us a car for the day, and my lovely friend/witness/photographer, Faye, took a ride around the city with us, snapping different photos everywhere we went:


Bis bald, friends! And here’s to an equally as amazing 2013!

Happy 2013–From Newlywed Land!

Hey friends!

So we did it…Chris and I got married! At City Hall right here in Manhattan, on Dec. 31, 2012.

Grand Central


Here’s to an amazing 2013 my friends, with trips already planned to the following:

  • London in April for Chris’s fifth and final marathon in the World Series
  • Australia in September to celebrate our wedding with my new Aussie family, including a trip to the Great Barrier Reef for a little honeymoon getaway

Bis bald, my friends! Hope your 2013 started out as amazing as ours did …