A West Point Weekend Trip

Hi friends!

So this past weekend the whole fam took a trip to our old stomping grounds—West Point— to watch Army take on Tulane in a football game at Michie Stadium. Although the game was a total blowout (we won!), it was fun to be back to the place where we spent four years (my dad taught there back when I was in elementary school), and to have my dad give Chris his official tour. Here’s a little bit of what we saw:

Cadets do push ups for every point they score
The whole Motley Crew
After the game we took a little tour—even on a cloudy day the scenery is gorgeous

And, of course, the end of the day found us here. At our cars. Drinking beer. Now that's the sign of a great day.

With this weekend behind us, I’m now looking forward to Thursday, when I take off for Chicago with my best friend to watch Chris run the Chicago Marathon. I’ve never been to Chicago … so I’m looking forward to bringing back some great pics and info for ya’ll!

Bis bald!

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