Here’s to a New Year and Fabulous New Travels

Hi friends,

So 2010 comes to a roaring close at midnight tonight. Last year for New Years Chris and I were watching the fireworks explode over the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Still, this year I’m happy to ring in a new year with dinner at a good restaurant and drinks with friends afterwards.

In honor of looking forward to a whole new year of traveling adventures, here’s a look back at some highlights from my 2010 year in travel:




Bathurst Vineyards


Mount Panorama racetrack in Bathurst


Racetrack and rainbows


Kangaroo viewing

Mount Ainslie

Beautiful Sydney beaches


Sydney Harbor bridge and Opera House view




Lovely Melbourne family

St. Kilda beach picnic


Petting kaolas at the Koala park in Sydney


and kangaroos


Sydney Harbor cruise

Walking the Sydney Harbour bridge

Forced craziness in front of the Opera House

And then there was Europe:


Trafalgar Square

Big ole' Ben

Westminster Abbey


Buckingham Palace


The theater district in London

London Bridge

Eiffel Tower

The Vatican

the Colosseum


Palatial ruins

in front of the Spanish Steps

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