In the News: How to Take Time Off Work to Travel. Really.

I know, I’ve been absent lately—AND I haven’t blogged about my fantastic Oktoberfest/Salzburg trip yet. But I promise, it’s coming soon! As soon as I can figure out how to whittle down all of the amazing photos I have…hmmm.

In the meantime, though, who amongst us hasn’t dreamed of quitting our jobs for a while and traveling around (I assume if you’re reading this blog, it’s because you’re interested in travel). I came across this article in the NY Times today and had to share. Lots of people do lots of talking about taking time off of work to travel (myself included), but Sherry Ott and her two partners actually did it, and they have created a company, Briefcase to Backpack, to help you figure out how/if you can do it as well. If you’re serious, and you’d really like some help figuring out how to go about taking the trip of your lifetime, hit up one of their classes. And then let me know how it goes 🙂

Bis bald, friends! And my next post WILL be about Oktoberfest!

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