I Have Some Reservations…

He travels. He eats. He drinks. He partakes in local culture. And yet....

Pardon the pun, but there’s just something about Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” that I haven’t quite decided on yet. Granted I’m only four episodes in —so far we’ve been to Paris, Vietnam, Iceland and, of all places, that great state of New Jersey (full of, as you may have guessed, my lifetimes share of Sopranos references).

It’s not that I don’t get his whole schtick— he’s calm, he’s collected, he’s got no reservations. And there’s definitely something to be said about the idea behind picking up and traveling to a country with no particular plans in mind (although on that front I also must say, probably a lot easier to hack a snow blizzard in a cave in Iceland with a camerman and crew to keep you company.)

Still, I just might be hooked. I want to learn more about the underground sewer system in France and the work-out routines of the people in Iceland and even, yes, where to get the best Japanese food and eclairs in New Jersey. If nothing else, the photos on his blog keep me entertained, and it’s definitely interesting to see what else his travels can teach me….

Till next time, bis bald friends!

2 thoughts on “I Have Some Reservations…

  1. The show has great writing and Bourdain def chooses interesting destinations. He also happens to live in my building–dude is super tall.

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